• Jaycee La Bouche

The Healing Power of a Smile

In ancient China it is believed that a constant inner smile, a smile to oneself is like basking in love: you become your own best friend. Living with an inner smile is to live in harmony with yourself. Gandhi said " Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony"

Happiness is not in things it is in you. True happiness is a permanent inner smile that we carry in our heart, a gift for the world. The key to happiness is that there is no key. Happiness is open all hours 24/7 if you are willing to open the door and let it in. ·

Even if we smile when we don’t feel like it, our mood will elevate despite how we are feeling. That's because every single cell in our body responds to how we are thinking and feeling. Our nervous system is full of chemicals called neurotransmitters which are part of a complex communication network running messages throughout the whole body all the time

When we are happy, our happiness automatically spreads to others and allows us to connect, spread joy and acknowledge each other. A genuine smile has tremendous power. When you smile at someone, it makes them feel good about themselves. A true smile is a sign of love and carries with it a magical healing energy. So go ahead, smile at a stranger today.

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