• Jaycee La Bouche

Letter to My Inner Child

Dear Child

Have no fears, have no worries. I hold you in my loving guidance and support. Allow yourself to be supported. Never fear admitting weakness, it takes courage to do so. Trust and have faith to surrender your worries,fears and burdens to me. Know that I am always here for you. Everything you need I will supply. Live your life as a playful adventure and you will have a happy and successful life.

Have courage to speak the truth of what is in your heart, express yourself freely with passion and ease. No matter what judgements may come your way. Have confidence to be unapologetically YOU. Flaunt your uniqueness, without seeking approval or validation from others. Develop a deep and loving relationship with your whole self and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Know that everything is a learning experience that is part of the bigger picture.

Know that within you there is an ever-flowing fountain of wisdom and truth. Slow down the pace, observe and listen to the messages of Mother Earth. How do you know what is truth and what is imagination, I hear you ask?

You will feel it vibrate in the centre of your being. Stop, pause, feel it, see it, hear it. Feel it resonate deep within. It will shake you into a feeling of aliveness, excitement, wakefulness and feel different to what you experience 99.9% of the time. Trust that you will know my child. If in doubt ask me and I will show you a sign or softly whisper in your ear. Maybe I will show you in many different ways over and over again, especially if blindness or deafness take you. Strive to be authentic and walk tall dear one. Be brave, be strong, be gentle in your pursuit, keep moving in whichever direction the wind takes you and keep your nose to the wind.

Always cct with integrity and know that sometimes it is not easy to know the right thing to do or say. Do what is right and what feels right in that there moment. A wise man never fights for freedom instead he wins empowerment. Honor what is right for you without the need to defend or justify your actions.

It is all possible and the invitation rests within your heart if you so desire.

You are a child of the sun, you have the right to shine your light.

All my love

The Universe

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