Jaycee La Bouche is an author, self -care expert and founder of The SoulNurse. She believes that the freedom to express ourselves openly and honestly is both our right and our purpose in life. 

​She is passionate about empowering women to value their true self-worth, increase their confidence and learn to understand their fear so they can express themselves freely with uncensored passion.

​Her life story has taken her from overcoming childhood shyness, low self-worth and struggles with her mental health , to becoming a performance poet, stand- up comedian and activist for carer's rights.

​She currently facilitates Stress Management and Laughter Workshops for carers alongside caring for her 91 year old mother. 


Her greatest passion in life is dancing, which she believes has helped her find her "true voice” and put the joy back in her life.

“Jaycee has a remarkable gift of expressing powerful insights that resonate deeply with her audience. She is passionate about supporting people gain the tools and mindset to live a happy, balanced and  fulfilled life”.


Author of From Wallflower to Sunflower - The Quiet Person's Guide to Natural Self-Confidence

"Jaycee connects and touches people’s hearts with her authenticity and joyful soul"

"Jaycee is someone who has worked on the frontline in the caring and health profession. She shares many truths to support you in developing clarity, awareness and growth. She is able to provide wisdom, knowledge and tools to manifest the change you wish to become"

PIPPA SEETA O'CONNOR BSc, MSc: (MBCT) Mindfulness Senior Lecturer at the Priory Hospital & North London Buddhist Centre


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